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Tony Bell

Tony Bell with his Case SP3000 overlooking Strangford Lough Co. Down

Tony says: “I currently spray over 8000 acres per year and that requires a reliable high output machine and now that I have also started applying Liquid Fertilizer my workload has most definitely increased. With all necessary qualifications; Basis, Facts, Pa1 & 2 it helps to keep up with legislation and being able to provide accurate record sheets for every job ensures that my clients are able to maintain their quality assurance standard.

However it has become obvious when working a Self-Propelled Sprayer that the necessary “know-how” in servicing and maintaining this type of equipment is a specialist job.

Surprisingly that type of experience wasn’t easy to come by here in Northern Ireland and I needed to look further afield. Fortunately I had met Kerry Day from Spraysure at Cereals and I have been able to contact him for assistance ever since. At that point I didn’t realise that he was a regular here to Ireland servicing all types of sprayers and his experience shows when even down a phone line he can talk you through various settings or simple fixes to a problem.

Last year I upgraded to a fresher machine and nearly immediately hit a huge problem, wheel motors. Kerry told me not to panic that he was coming over in a few days anyway and it would be straightforward to sort out. With the help of a friend of his here in Northern Ireland I was able to acquire a 24m mounted machine to carry on with my work while he sorted out the problem. Of course it does help that he recognised my sprayer from his days at the Gem/Case factory and was able to tell me who had owned it from new!

Kerry has been able to supply me with parts, nozzles and advice as well as keeping my machine well serviced which helps me stay on top of my workload.”

You can contact Tony on 07767271764 or via email at tony655@btinternet.com

Self Propelled Knight Sprayer

The 2000th crop sprayer built by Knight Farm Machinery was delivered to Chapel Farm, Upton, Nottinghamshire, run by Charles Yates and his son Malcolm.

The farm has 1400 acres of its own land, with a further 3000 acres of cereals farmed on contract. The machine was supplied to Chapel Farm through Spraysure Ltd, a Knight dealership based in Lincoln run by Kerry Day.  Explaining his choice of sprayer, Malcolm Yates said: ‘We have had good service support from Kerry Day for a long time, and when we started looking for a new sprayer a Knight machine was obviously one of the options. We visited the factory and liked what we saw, particularly the build quality’.