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Northern Ireland

Exciting times ahead for crop sprayer specialists Spraysure NI

FarmGEM Ltd is pleased to announce that sprayer specialists Spraysure Ltd are the sole dealer for their crop sprayer range for N. Ireland. Spraysure have been active in N. Ireland for many years and 18 months ago the rapidly increasing demand for their services led Kerry & Jackie Day to move and set up a permanent base near Downpatrick, Co Down. The business has continued to flourish and a new trainee engineer has been recently appointed. As with all agricultural machinery service support is key, so the close relationship with FarmGEM and in depth sprayer experience that Kerry, Jackie and their team have will be invaluable to farmers throughout N. Ireland. Spraysure will not only be selling FarmGEM machines, they also keep parts on the shelf for most makes of sprayers and can attend to most problems on farm. FarmGEM is a British designed machine and is managed and run by the old Gem Sprayers staff they offer a range of machines from a tractor mounted 200 -1900 litre with booms out to 24m, trailed 2000-6000 litre with booms out to 36m and self-propelled from 3000-6000 litre with booms out to 36 metres. FarmGEM Classic and Millennium ranges come with a three year construction warranty which covers boom and chassis construction.

Customer Testimonials

Robin Mckee : Comber Potatoes (picture below)

"We bought a Farmgem FM1000 litre machine because we have used this model for the past 20 years and like the fact it is a light machine which works well in wet conditions and well engineered and built. When looking for a new sprayer we talked to several local dealers and decided that as Spraysure has an excellent knowledge of their product and a lot of experience with crop sprayers in general, they also stock parts and are able to service the machine, which is very important to us."

Robin McKee - Comber Potatoes

John Dan

"We bought a Farmgem FS1500 because the machine is well engineered and strong. We thought the 12-21-24 metre boom was a good idea and would work well for us. The second reason for buying was the experience of local man Kerry Day of Spraysure who can back up the product which is very important to us; He also has parts on the shelf."

Pictured below from left to right; Brian, Kerry and John Dan

John Dan

Tony Bell (pictured below)

Tony Bell


"I first met Kerry Day from Spraysure at The Cereals Show in England and since then I have been able to contact him for assistance ever since. Then he was a regular visitor here to Northern Ireland but since he moved over here a couple of years ago Kerry has been an asset to my spray contracting business.   Running a self propelled sprayer requires the proper know-how to maintain and service a machine of this type and I have been able to rely on his experience and knowledge to keep me going through what has been some testing seasons. Although a very reliable machine, when covering around 10,000 acres a year, problems always occur. Normally Kerry gives me a solution over the phone to let me finish and then he calls round to do the repair, usually, next day. On one occasion I phoned him on a Saturday afternoon and that evening he arrived and I was running again for 9 o’clock!   This year Kerry encouraged me to enter the FSOOTY Competition and along with friends, helped me prepare and I was fortunate enough to represent Northern Ireland at Cereals this year. Kerry and Farmgem organised for me to drive their new Self Propelled Sprayer in the arena at Cereals this year. An experience I thoroughly enjoyed.   Servicing, repairs, nozzles, guidance systems, it helps when the person supplying all this actually knows what they are talking about.   I wish Kerry Day & Spraysure every Success in their appointment of sole Farmgem Dealer for Northern Ireland."

You can contact Tony on 07767271764 or via email at tonybell655@gmail.com


For new machines for Autumn 2013 or service support for your existing sprayer

Contact the NI office on : 028 4485 1509 or Kerry on 07880 504996.